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Proofreading at Acksjön Media

We are happy to read your written texts – that are as good as final – to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. We make substantive comments and corrections in your Dutch text through proofreading. This makes your text even better, offering your customers the best and most complete information.

It is, of course, entirely up to you as a client to determine whether you want to actually implement the corrections we propose in the file and whether you want to make the adjustments in response to our comments. This way you can remain fully in control of the final text.

Proofreading with a professional approach

When proofreading a text, it is important that the author or client can assume that the text will be returned without any errors left. This means that we, as proofreaders, will work on your text with our full attention.

Our approach means that we continue where Microsoft Word’s spell check stops. We read every sentence thoroughly through and provide grammatical and stylistic improvements where necessary.

We also improve common inconsistencies in the text. In terms of content, we look at whether the structure of the text is logical and whether the headers are strong and clear.

Proofreading with a fresh mind

Proofreading requires a quiet, distraction-free environment. This will improve the quality of the text. Acksjön Media takes this into account. We also take a break before any loss of concentration occurs, after which we will continue with your text with a fresh mind!

We provide proofreading of Dutch texts for any subject. Do you want to engage us? You can! We’d love to hear how we can help you.