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About Acksjön Media

About us

Since May 2021, Acksjön Media has been established in Sweden. It is a continuation and consolidation of the activities of two Dutch companies: Perfect Story and Adventure Media. These two companies are now joining forces in Acksjön Media in Sweden.

For a long time, we, Nina and Thomas, had the dream of living in Sweden. This was also based on the desire to do business online, which makes it possible to actually work and generate income anywhere in the world.

The ideal revenue model

Affiliate marketing, online advertising revenue and offering paid blogs are the ideal revenue model for us.

In addition, we are happy to write and proofread Dutch texts for different clients in the media industry.

Passive income

Because Acksjön Media (partly) generates passive income, there is still a lot of time left to spend with our family and to go on outings together. Something that we believe is the main focus of life.

In addition to our work, we enjoy as much as possible of all that life in Sweden has to offer: peace and quiet, space, beautiful nature and respect for the climate, each other and a child-friendly society.


Acksjön Media is a professional and reliable company. We help every customer quickly and listen carefully to their needs. We then translate these into the intended final product.

What may we help you with? Feel free to contact us.

Med vänliga hälsningar,

Nina & Thomas
Acksjön Media