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Copy editing

Copy editing at Acksjön Media

We at Acksjön Media have years of experience as copy editors and project managers of both Dutch fiction and non-fiction projects. We will gladly take care of the copy editing of a project, depending on your wishes.

We are very skilled in editing Dutch texts and in correcting and checking proofs for both books and magazines.

When editing and correcting, we pay particular attention to:

  • Correct use of the Dutch language (the detection of language, game and style errors)
  • Consistency of writing style and layout
  • Logic in the structure of the text
  • understandable text for the reader (does the text fit the target group?)

We keep the author’s writing style

Acksjön Media knows like no other that the author’s writing style should be preserved and takes this into account when editing or correcting texts.

Substantial modifications to the text are always formulated as a suggestion, including the basis for the proposed modifications. The author or client then determines whether the adjustment can be made or not. In this way, the author or client himself remains ultimately responsible for the content.

Copy editing with a fresh mind

Reading your text yourself (and then reviewing it again) does not seem to be the optimal way to get a text without errors. For almost every author applies that he or she reads over his/her own mistakes. The text is already in your head, so when you re-read it, you don’t notice (all) the errors in the text anymore.

We will read your text for the very first time. The text is new to us, so we automatically read it with a fresh mind. We correct the text where necessary and provide suggestions and recommendations. You decide for yourself which changes you want to make to the text.

Are you interested in outsourcing copy editing of your Dutch content? Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your wishes and our possibilities!