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Project management

Project management at Acksjön Media

There are several reasons to outsource an entire project. For example, because of a busy period in your company or because of a (temporary or non-temporary) low headcount. Then it is nice to not have to think about a project at all.

Acksjön Media can arrange the project management of an entire Dutch project for you! This means that we take care of the whole process. You supply us with the text and images, and we will deliver you a print file within the set deadline.

Layout by reliable DTP workers

In the case of taking care of the entire project for you, we will also provide the layout for you in addition to the editorial work. You can decide whether a book or magazine should have the standard layout of your own layout system or whether you want a different layout.

In the latter case, we will ask someone within our professional DTP workers’ network to take care of the desired layout. We work with short and reliable communication lines.

Continuous quality control of the finished product

Acksjön Media itself is responsible for the checking the layout/proofs and for the correction rounds. We keep a close eye on every step of the process, so that the quality of the intended end product will be monitored continuously.

When we take care of the entire project for you, we supply you with a file that’s ready for printing. All you have to do afterwards is to send the file to the printer and that’s it!

Need an experienced Dutch project manager?

We’d love to hear it if we can help you! Do you want to know more about our approach first? Please contact us without any obligation.

We are happy to tell you everything about our way of working in an exploratory telephone conversation or an extensive e-mail.